Job Description:

Your tasks are broadly defined below:

  1. Learn the latest technical concepts yourself and build suitable projects based on them which can then be taught to the students.
  2. Understand the learning requirement of the students by getting continuous feedback.
  3. Develop engaging content in the form of video, text and graphics from which students can learn easily and quickly.
  4. Video is our primary medium of training. Every video that is a part of the training must have a well-researched script and content that provides students with an immersive and effective learning experience.
  5. Conceptualising, directing, executing, producing and troubleshooting all aspects of content creation.
  6. Create and sustain a network of professional freelancers to aid in the final content creation.
  7. Produce & publish contextual and creative content on digital platforms in the form of articles, interviews, videos, infographics, etc.

Education/Work Experience Requirements:

  • Graduation in Engineering or any other technical branch.
  • Two years of relevant work experience. This could be as a software/electronics developer, trainer, blogger, youtube content creator etc.

Must-Have skills:

  • Good spoken and written English skills


  • Bengaluru, India